BulkRegister is the second largest ICANN accredited Registrar in the world and is accredited as an official registrar of the .com, .net, and .org Top Level Domain names. BulkRegister.com is on a mission to provide low cost robust service to those seeking domain name registration.
BulkRegister.com offers a win/win combination to customers and resellers so that all builders of the Internet infrastructure can secure affordable and increasingly powerful access to the World Wide Web.
Qwest is a cutting edge Internet communications company. The Qwest network is built with the industry's most advanced technologies. It offers 10 gigabit, OC-192 speed and is constructed on a self-healing SONET ring and 2.4 gigabit (OC-48) IP architecture. In the U.S., it reaches 18,815 miles and connects to 150 cities across the country. It also extends 1,400 miles into Mexico. Cables under the Atlantic Ocean connect to Europe.
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